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SJURL helps people all over the world shorten URLs without worry. We will forever remain free, and will never ask for any kind of payment. Invite the Discord bot to your server for an even better integration. (Help command is -help)

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There will never be ads on our site.

Web Param Passing

Any URL parameter such as /login, or ?id=aaaaa can be passed through the shortened URL too!

Custom Backend

With SJURL, you can enter a custom backend, or have it generate one. If its out of ideas, it will automatically increas the backend length.

Name your links

Name each link so you know exactly what its for.

Search URLs

We've all been there, there are so many URLs that you don't know where to look. Instead of doing ugly CTRL+F here, you can search for URLs and SJURL will filter your links as you type.

Detailed Tracking

See an overview containing details showing total clicks, device, os, and browser specs. Bitly offers this for Enterprise, we offer it for free.

QR Codes

Sometimes, you just gotta show it to them. For free, not Enterprise, generate QR Codes for your links.

Discord Webhooks

Send a message automatically to Discord whenever your link is clicked so you know when your colleague has clicked that super important link.

Edit Links

But wait! You entered the wrong URL! No need to worry, SJURL will let you edit your links!

Delete Links

Have a link that you know is never going to be used again? Delete it!


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