One place to shorten your links, view analytic data, and share your data with others. Free, forever.

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URL Shortening Made Easy

Collecting data while shortening URLs has never been easier.

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Detailed Analytics

SJURL collects total clicks, clicks per Operating System, per browser, time clicked, and the user agent collected.

SafeBrowsing by Google

Powered by the SafeBrowsing API by Google, SJURL warns you when visiting malicious links.


SJURL has a helpful bookmarklet to help you shorten URLs in under 5 seconds. That's called true speed.

Web Parameter Passing

Any URL parameter such as /login, or ?id=aaaaa can be passed through the shortened URL too!

Custom Backend

With SJURL, you can enter a custom backend, or have it generate one. If its out of ideas, it will automatically increas the backend length.

Name your Links

Name each link so you know exactly what its for.

No Ads

SJURL will never have advertisements. Ever.

Search URLs

We've all been there, there are so many URLs that you don't know where to look. Instead of doing messy keyboard shortcuts, you can search for URLs and SJURL will filter your links as you type.

QR Codes

Sometimes, you just gotta show it to them. For free, SJURL auto generates QR Codes for your links.

Discord Webhooks

Send a message automatically to Discord whenever your link is clicked so you know when your colleague has clicked that super important link.

Edit Links

But wait! You entered the wrong URL! No need to worry, SJURL will let you edit your links!

Delete Links

Have a link that you know is never going to be used again? Delete it!


To see a pretty overview of your clicks, SJURL auto generates a graph for your clicks over time.

Sneak Peeks

Wanna see where a link takes you? Add a + at the end of a shortened link to see shortened link metadata.

Start Using SJURL Today

With over 200 members, over 500 links, and over 10, 000 link clicks, SJURL is the fastest growing URL Shortener.